When your neighbor's house is on fire, you put yourself in danger if you don't help extinguish it. -- Chinese Proverb

If you put out another's candle, you also will be in the dark. -- German Proverb

Help thy brother's boat across, and lo! thine own has reached the shore. - Hindu Proverb

If you don't light fires, smoke won't get in your eyes. - German Proverb

Those that lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. - Native American Proverb

Blowing out another's candle will not make yours shine brighter. - BITS & PIECES

Every behavior you participate in will have a consequence. - Brian Tracy

If you approach life with a sense of possibility and the expectation of positive results, you're more likely to have a life in which possibilities are realized and results are positive. - Lisa Funderburg

As you do, so will be done to you. - Jewish Proverb