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Basic Photography Lessons, Digital Photography


What is Photography?

It would be appropriate to understand first what photography is before we begin discussing about it in detail. Historically the word Photography is derived from the greek words "photos" (meaning "light") and "graphein" ("to draw"). It was used by scientists to describe a method of recording images by the action of light, or related radiation, on a sensitive material.

There are various definitions of photography as we have now come to know it, but in my understanding it is 'the art and science of capturing the image of a certain event in time and recording it in a film or a digital medium using a camera.'

Others may have a different definition but basically I consider it a science because you have to understand the physics of how light travels and what lenses do to them and how they are imprinted on a film or recorded in a digital format. At the same time it is also an art because it is not enough to just capture a scene, you have to understand proper balance of color, space, lighting, angles and other factors including human perception that makes your captured image stand out.

sunset-picThis section is intended to provide a basic understanding of Photography including the factors that are important in choosing the right camera, making proper camera settings, choosing proper conditions for your subjects and techniques which may help to introduce you into Photography. The discussions in this section are quite limited and are focused mainly on Digital Cameras, but hopefully it will help you open up your creative senses and develop your personal touch and techniques.

Along the with the discussions you will encounter terms that might be new to you. Please use the Glossary to check the meaning of these terms.

Good luck and Enjoy!

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